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Ficklewood Ciderworks Logo


Ficklewod Founders Joe Farrier & Stefan Enjem

When Long Beach residents and best friends, Joe Farrier and Stefan Enjem, would make their nightly climb over the ladder that bridged their backyards they discovered a new realm in the craft of cider. A realm that was created by the spirit of people coming together in pursuit of the perfect cider — something they dreamt of sharing with the greater community at large.

This is why Ficklewood Ciderworks was designed to be the living room of Long Beach. A place you can call home to unwind, socialize, and escape, while enjoying your favorite ciders.


Ficklewood Hand with Appl


As the newest addition to the East Village, formerly known as a Department of Motor Vehicles in Long Beach during the 1930-40s, and has undergone an extensive transformation to become your regular stomping ground. Historic elements, such as the board-form concrete, were preserved to celebrate the heritage of the Long Beach community. 


In this spirit, nearly everything you see inside Ficklewood’s space has been touched or inspired by someone in Long Beach. The inside mural was designed by local artist Bodeck Hernandez, the delicately painted Ficklewood logo mark was done by signage expert, Nat Losbaker, the bark-like cider tap handles were ingeniously created by local craftsman Randy Baranowsky and most importantly brand strategist and lead visionary Jeff Parker of AkinsParker also proudly calls Long Beach home.

Ficklewood Building in downtown Long Beach, CA
Ficklewood Cidery Process


While most manufacturers separate the tasting room from the fermentation process, we welcome it. Our open layout allows you to take in the deep aromatic wonders of perfectly aging blends from California’s finest orchards, while being a part of the process.

Experience a 9-foot-high long pour from one of our exclusive ciders. As the cider falls from near the ceiling, it aerates the beverage, imparting effervescence into the cider. The homage to the Spanish style long pour is a unique way for Ficklewood guests to learn about cider’s rich history.

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